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Marilyn Woods
22 April 2020

My aunt Jean just recently passed away and I inherited a collection of Elfreide' s figurines, I love them so beautifully made and i when I go will leave them to my grandaughter. It has also made me want to collect more..

Joan Oehler
14 March 2020

My late husband was in Nova Scotia in 1980 working for Lockheed Martin and was on a road trip when he came upon Elfriede’s home and stopped and purchased many figurines. Than in 2006 we traveled again to Nova Scotia and my husband called her home and asked if we could come by and she said yes.. Elfriede was such a warming and gracious lady and showed us all around her house and property. I was so enthralled with Christopher and she sold it to me along with the book. All of the collection is in my curio cabinet here in Missouri. Just the other day I took them out and very carefully cleaned them all with the help of my daughter. I cherish these very much and so will my Daughters. Thank You for the story I appreciated it so much.

Sarah in Oakville
12 December 2019

Meindl figurines are very sentimental to my as my family is from Nova Scotia. My grandparents had them. I have a couple by Elfreide Meindl and treasure them. I also have a couple angels done by her daughter. I would collect more of them if I could. Thank you for creating such lovely art.

Lindy Chapman
11 November 2019

Hi just purchased my first Elfrieda “fisherman “ today and would love to hear more stories about her delightful work. It does bring a smile to me too. Jane Lewis please let me know what you would like for your collection? I can be contacted on in Vancouver. Thank you

Lori Guest
30 September 2019

I just visited Nova Scotia for the first time a few weeks ago. My good friend has a collection of Elfriede Meindl figurines which she dearly loves. I flew home to the US and immediately started trying to find some of the figures that were for sale on the internet. I’m happy to say I have found 6 in good condition from various places and have purchased them all. They make me smile every time I see them. Thank you for creating such amazing pieces of art♥️

John Anderson
27 May 2019

I have two of her fisherman figurines and they have pride of place on a 150 year old table in my living room here in Bruce County Ontario Just love her work and enjoy looking at them each day.

AnnMarie Spencer
25 May 2019

I met Mrs. Meindl in the 80s. I visited her home a number of times. I have about 16 of her figures including her Anniversary figurine. I also have her Beautiful Nativity Scene. I remember her telling me that she always had a hard time making the sheep. No matter what she did they always ended up looking like dogs. I also have books that she wrote. I have Christopher 1 and 2 and alsoThe Magic Stone. She is a lovely lady and I am very glad to have met her.

22 April 2019

Hello.just want to say I have about 100 of your figures,amazing work.i love them dearly..its nice to know about the lady behind the wrk..awesome..thank you mj👍👍

Jane lewis
19 April 2019

I have many S Meindl original figurines and no idea what to do with them. Are there people who would want these. A friend left them in our home many years ago but need to get rid of them now.thanks

17 March 2019

The Meindls were a huge part of my growing up years. I am lucky to have an angel figurine made just for me when I was born - it is inscribed: to Trudi, a little angel. I also inherited my mothers figurines when she passed away a few years ago. We Petersens will always remember the Meindls with so much love.

Grant and Gail Crawford
26 December 2018

We travelled to the Annapolis Valley and met the Meindls in their home in the late 1970s. My mother had one of the Nova Scotia fishermen figurines so we were encouraged to locate the artist. We had a lovely visit and commissioned a Nativity scene that was shipped to us here in the Vancouver area over a period of years. It is a treasured set that is proudly and affectionately displayed every Christmas. So pleased to see this webpage and the dedication to a lovely lady and her enduring, treasured artwork.

Anne MacAusland
21 December 2018

We cannot remember the year exactly, but we have a lovely and sentimental creche that came over a series of year, pre 1988., with baby Jesus being the last to arrive This creche is my most magical moment of Christmas as we hide baby Jesus until Christmas Day. Blessed thanks for these figurines that have added to our Christmas joy each and every year.

Phyllis Fitzgerald
28 November 2018

Hello, We are very lucky to have a number of Alfreda’s figurines,bought so many years ago from her at her home in the Annapolis Valley. Over the years we purchased four fisherfolk, 3 men and one woman. We also have Anne of Green Gables and a Christmas angel. Our most favourite is the Christmas Crèche, the pieces of which were purchased over a span of 3 or 4 years, ie shepherds first, 3 wise men the next year , etc. I believe Elfreda only made 25 of those which makes them special in their own right. Thank you Phyllis Fitzgerald, St John’s NL

10 June 2018

Just purchased 5 today at an estate sale in Halifax all signed 2 oringinal and I am very happy. Sherry Lush

Gail Perks
05 March 2018

We lived in Halifax for several years and I always went to the craft shows just to purchase a Meindl Figurine. I can say I am the proud owner of 12 Mindel figurines which are prominently displayed in my living room. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Meindl at her home in Nova Scotia at which time I ordered an Nativity Set for my daughter. Each year my daughter received one or two pieces of the set until it was complete. My daughter proudly displays it every Christmas time . At the time I ordered the nativity set Mrs. Meindl said she would not be creating any more Nativity Sets. We cherish our Meindl Figurines and hope they will be passed down through the generations of our family. My regards to Mrs. Meindl and I wish her well and to let her know that her figurines bring us much joy. We too live in the Toronto area.

Bonny Osgood
18 February 2018

Hello. I would like to say how much as a child always liked your figurines. I was always told that they were too expensive for me!! Well now I am 73 and have a collection of four of the gold winged angels given to me when I retired as nurse in the Cancer Treatment Center for 31 years . Living in Halifax and not far from the famous “value village “ second hand store I do frequently visit it to look around . One day I found on a shelf with all kinds of Trit trat a beautiful Meindl of an Eskimo boy feeding a black seal. I continued to walk around but was drawn back to the figurine several times . Finally I went back picked him up and he was in perfect condition so carefully carried him to the cash . Carefully had the lady wrap him in a hand towel and now he sits front and center in my china cabinet . Safe and sound from the second hand store bringing joy to my heart every day . I hope he never lands back in the second hand store again. Thank you for your years of making so many treasures for other people to enjoy. Bonny

01 February 2018

I received a fisherman this past Christmas. He had been found in a thrift shop on the Sunshine Coast, BC, one hand broken off. My mum just loved him, and I happened to be the lucky recipient of this gift from her to the family's unlabelled pile of presents. We all wondered at his fabulous "original fisherman" clothes and at the stump near his feet. I guessed it was "maybe one of those things you see near the water, that they can tie the boats to." Sleepless tonight from rough news in the world, I happened to putter over to my fireplace mantle and picked the fisherman up. I decided to do a google search for the name carved into the bottom, and to send a note to the maker if I could. Much to my surprise and delight, a whole website! The maker's lovely face, photos of very similar pieces, and stories about Mrs Meindl's life and work! One photo answered an ongoing question: What had he been holding in his remaining, curved, Lego-man-like hand? I happened to have miniature rope perfectly matching what Fisherman needed, so now he is very happy again. Thank you, children of Mrs Meindl, for making the website! And thank you, Mrs Meindl, for making a lovely figurine for my family to find and for me to enjoy and find respite in.

Linda Brown
14 November 2017

It was so wonderful to read this story. I have quite a few Meindl figurines. I was one of people who would stand in line at the Halifax Forum every year to purchase one. One year Mrs. Meindl had created a figurine to celebrate her 25th anniversary of her figurines and she saved one for me as she knew I would be there that year to buy one. Our family also had the occasion to visit your parents home and to talk about the figurines and o see the workshop. Mrs Meindl showed us the piece that she has been commissioned to make for the Queen Mother. On the staircase in our home I have a shelf that has angle figurines that were made by Mrs. Meindl and her daughters. You all must be so proud.

Marilyn Johnston
12 November 2017

I am very pleased to have 3 figurines by E. Meindel. 1 is the fisherman and the other 2 are fisher women. They were given to me and my husband as a wedding Present from my Aunt Betty and Uncle Harold Venoit of New Germany. They were made in 1977. I have always loved them and they have a special place in my display Cabinet. November 12, 2017.

Judy veinot
11 November 2017

Well I bought a number of your pieces and have them in my home .when my first daughter was little and in brownies they went to your home in new Germany and she me an angle to this day it sets here in my home she made it back in 1970 .

Linda Robertson-Wyman
11 November 2017

I am a FB friend of Greg Selig of New Germany and was so excited today to read one of his posts about the figurines of this remarkable lady, which led me to this site. In the 1980's I had purchased six of the Atlantic Fishermen with SouWester Hats and considered them quality workmanship. I was living in Wedgeport, a fishing village in Yarmouth County, and when I left there in 1990 I gave these figurines to my best friend. She still has them in her glass cabinet and treasures them also. I had purchased these in gift shops, but back in the late 1980's my mother and I, during one of our little trips to the valley, went to her shop on the coast. So glad to see this info today and wish Elfriede a happy 90th birthday. (But maybe this site is from many years ago, but all the best to the whole family).

Sonny Nauss
11 November 2017

Fond memories of your family. I'm lucky to have a couple of your Fishermen in my small collection. Glad to hear that all is well. :)

Carol MacKenzie
24 May 2017

I love your figurines and continue to add to my collection whenever I find them for sale. I once visited you at your home on the mountain near Middleton and was made to feel very welcome. Thank you for your hospitality and for your wonderful work.

Troy Perrot-Sanderson
07 March 2017

My husband was shopping at the Bible For Mission (BFM) Store in Charlottetown today and he lucked out. He found an Angel Figurine by Elfriede Meindl, as well as 3 other Angel figurines by Susan Meindl. I have had numerous Meindl figurines over the years and cherish them all. His find today at the Ch'town BFM inspired me to see what information I could find online about them. I was DELIGHTED to come across this fantastic website dedicated to the work of Elfriede Meindl and the story of the development of Meindl figurines. What a treasure trove it is for collectors world wide. Special thanks to Elfriede's children and grandchildren for creating this site. I have about 15 or 20 different figurines at this point, from all three Meindl figurine makers, Elfriede, Susan and Carol. I also have some by other NS ceramicists who were inspired by Elfriede's work. It's soooo nice to know the story of how the Meindl figurines came to be and especially to get to know the grand lady of them all who started everything. Next step, a book in honor of Elfriede's 95th is in order, I think. ( With a catalog of all the various figurines she, Carol and Susan made over the years) I anxiously await your development of it. Having a page for fan finds on your website where other avid collectors such as myself can upload pics of their own Meindl's would be awesome as well. Thanks for your consideration of my ideas. Troy Perrot-Sanderson, Charlottetown, PEI.

Wayne Chamberlain
02 February 2017

I first met Mrs Meindel in 1975 and fell in love with her figurines, several of which I still have. Including a fisherman, a fishwife and an eskimo with bird. I purchased several as gifts for family and friends. I also met Susan on a trip back to Nova Scotia. I was lucky enough to be a friend of Elfriede's and took several black and white photos of her work for a brochure she was producing. If you happen to have copies of those photos, I would appreciate copies as I have lost my originals. I may be contacted at . I now live in Okotoks Alberta. Please say hello to your Mom.

Linda McMaster (formerly Jackson)
27 January 2017

I wanted to congratulate you on your thoughtful website. It is so nice to read about Elfriede and her creations! I have fond memories of visiting her home in Waterloo with my parents, Peter and Rosemarie Jackson, when I was a child and seeing her fascinating studio.

Irene Fancy
27 January 2017

Special greetings to you, Elfride. I have many great memories of visiting you at your home. Recently a friend had a stroke and had to move to a senior's residence. She had a large collection of your figurines and when they cleaned her apartment she wanted me to have most of her collection - 24 pieces in all. Some are duplicates of what I have so will find someone who will appreciate them. I am sure some of your friends at St Mark's would appreciate one. Just want you to know that Violet Cook is still living in her own home at age 98. Blessings to you and all the family.

Muriel Hiltz
17 January 2017

Dear Elfriede: I only recently attained access to your website and I am blown away with awe!! I am fortunate to have received several of your figurines as gifts ovr the years. As well, I have bought several of the figurines and given them as gifts, and every recipient has been ever greatfull and loves your work. Now I am passing some on to my young Nieces, as I want them to have good homes long after me. However, I remember a few personal visits with you and Pastor Meindl when you lived on the beautiful Bay of Fundy. (I can still smell the bread in the oven). I also hold dear to my heart, the ministry of Pastor Meindl at our Lutheran Church in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

Mike Simmonds
12 January 2017

My wife's sister purchased "goose girl"and gifted it to her. I have unfortunately decapitated this delightful figurine, and upset my wife greatly. Is it possible (with the pieces) for your studio to restore her to health? If a repair is not possible, could a replacement be purchased? My wife's sister lives in Truro, and, should a replacement be available near her she could pick it up. Thank you, and here's hoping. 11, Ivan Avenue, Caledon, Ontario. L7C 1G1.

Tilly and Klaus
10 January 2017

Best regards from Wuestenrot, where Klaus spends today his 61st birthday together with his mother Tilly - who is the sister of Elfriede. We are just talking about Elfriede`s Season`s Greetings to Tilly and remembering the book "Christopher" and the nice figurines of Elfriede - standing in the living room of Tilly here. 2017, Jan 10th

Bonnie Weppler
31 December 2016

Bonnie wrote to Carol Meindl: Friends in Pembroke, replying to my Christmas card .... I mentioned about potentially going to your stomping grounds in July 2017 as I've never been to the Annapolis Valley ... Annapolis Valley is nice too. In the 1980’s we made an interesting stop in New Germany. I had watched a TVO program about a lady in New Germany who made clay figurines. So, as we drove through New Germany I expected to find a gift shop. But there wasn’t one. We asked at the gas station for information and were told that the lady who made the figurines was married to the local Lutheran pastor and we could just go to her home. So we did – had a great visit and bought a little fisherman. And if you can, be sure to get to Digby for the scallops.

Judy Burgess
30 December 2016

Hi, my name is Judy Burgess, I am from 1158 Route 845, Clifton Royal, NB E5S 1N1. I still cherish the ornaments you have made for me year after year and I have been trying to contact you but the phone # does not work that I have. We used to always send Christmas cards back and forth to each other but I didn't receive one this year. I decided not to send cards out this year but that I wanted to call and wish my friends Merry Christmas personally. I am wondering if you are ok, and would love to hear from you.. My phone # is 1-506-763-2653. I would appreciate it if you or someone in your family would be able to contact me please. I so appreciate all of the ornaments I have and would love to talk to you again my friend. thank you for your time.

Peter and Betty Erb
27 December 2016

Dear Elfrieda: What a delight to have received a card from you at Christmas and your address in Toronto. Both our children live there. Perhaps soon (when we come to TO -- every now and then -- the children usually come the other way ) we can get to see you! All the best at ths season and in the new year!! Peter and Betty

Herman Plehn
21 December 2016

Hi Elfreide, I just got your card today, so great to hear from you. Its been so many years. Mother and siblings are all well. Was down by your home place the other day and was wondering how you were doing. Hope all the family is well. You have a beautiful web site here, Hope to see you soon Your Godson Herman

Herb Smale
20 December 2016

Hi, I and my late wife Carol were friend of Elfriede and I no longer have her address. I contacted the post office but they did not have a forwarding address. Could you please send me her current address. Thanks, Herb Smale

John Duyck, chaplain
18 December 2016

This morning at the conclusion of our Sunday Church service here at Christie Gardens, Elfriede passed me a Christmas note which led me to this website. What a fascinating story ! I am delighted to become acquainted with her work and certainly to know this very dear and loving lady today. She continues to bless others! Thanks to her great children for collecting these stories and images. God's best to you all!

13 December 2016

This is so very lovely!!

Heather Jones.
05 September 2016

I would like to tell you my story. I am the youngest of five children and my mom and I always had a very close bond as I am very much like her. We are full of life, always up for a new adventure, playful at heart and family was always first. One bond we shared was we both love to read. Over the years we would share books and would constantly call each other to let them know what we were reading. We could hardly wait to finish a book so we could pass it on to each other as we knew the other person would love it. It's a memory I will hold in my heart forever. My mom passed away on July 27, 2013 and a very short two years later my dad passed away on October 24, 2015. It has been a rough couple of years but many wonderful memories to bring a smile to my face. As I was growing up, mom and dad travelled down east several times as they loved the people and the country side ( we live in Ontario). While on one visit in Nova Scotia they came across an artist that made figurines, that was Elfriede Meindl. Every time they went down east my mom would make sure to stop and purchase several figurines, as she loved them so much. She has given me four figurines and the books "Christopher", "Starboarding" and "The Bunny Who Almost Missed Christmas", each signed by the author. I loved them all. I was just travelling down memory lane this morning and came across the books and thought I would go on line to see if the figurines were still being made or if there were any books that had been written since. I read this article and it is a lovely story. My mom and dad loved their visits down east and one day I will travel there with my husband to see what they were always thrilled about. With the bond that my mom and I had and in my heart still do, I would love it if there was a way to purchase any figurines or books. Reading this article I learned that there was two more books written after " Christopher", but no more figurines. I would be extremely great full if there was a way to purchase the books. To continue the story of "Christopher" that my mom gave me many years ago would be a blessing in it self. I have many many wonderful memories of mom and dad that I am so great for if this is not possible. I would love to thank Elfriede Meindl for being a star that brightened my parents lives every time they visited the east coast. Thanks for everything and taking the time to listen to my story. Heather Jones. :). heathj1961@

Dale allen
12 July 2016

I've kept a favorite of mine figurine with salmon and owl in hand haven't seen another one yet

Sue Aldred
06 July 2016

Hi Elfriede, I want to wish you a belated happy birthday! Hope you had a great celebration because you're a very, very special lady. I loved to see you come into the library and have a chance to talk to you. I still remember the beauty of the flowers you brought in to brighten our circulation desk. You had good advice about gardening that I still follow (e.g.: Epson salt and sugar for roses) I hear you're doing well and enjoying being closer to your loving family. Have a great summer 🌸🌺🌼 Take care. We truly miss you!!!! Sue Aldred (Rosa M. Harvey Library)

Rudi und Gisela
04 June 2016

Die Besuche und Aufenthalte bei Dir und Rolf waren für uns immer etwas besonderes; sie sind uns in bleibender Erinnerung. Wir wünschen Dir weiterhin alles Gute.

Charmaine Potter
01 June 2016

I so enjoyed reading your story. Happy Birthday to you. What an inspiration you are and what a talent you have. I think of all the new people coming to Canada and what hope it will give them if they read your story. We have a great country and as you proved you can do very well if you chose. You have certainly found your place and given so many people such beautiful gifts with your figurines. And now you've passed that talent on to your children. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story, your talent, your treasured figurines and mostly yourself with us here in Nova Scotia. God Bless.

Darlene Murray
31 May 2016

Some of my fondest memories of growing up in the Valley and returning for visits as an adult include taking a drive with my mom and cousin to visit your mom at her studio home. We always left with a special and treasured piece of her work. Today, they are still very much treasured and are a reminder of my Valley home and roots. Thanks you for sharing your gift with us.

Robert and Ruth Clark
30 May 2016

A very special Happy Birthday sent your way Mrs. Meindl. We love you. Enjoy your day.

Robert and Ruth Clark
30 May 2016

Thank you so much Mrs.Meindl for your beautiful Fugurines I have collected them over the years and have them displayed in my home. A BIG Thank you for making the Special "one of a kind" for my husband to give me depicting me as a farmers wife looking after my chickens. I will treasure that always. You are worthy of great praise and recognition. We miss your visits and wish you good health and happiness in your retirement, close to your loving family whom we had the pleasure to meet and share a meal with us at our home. Lots of love coming your way Mrs. Meindl. Ruth and Robert Clark, Berwick, NS.

Joy L. Vidito
30 May 2016

May 30,2016 I met the Meindl's in Middleton in 2000. My job took me to their home on the Bay of Fundy. Her beautiful figurines lined their mantle and her eye for detail was exquisite. Enjoy your Birthday with your family and friends. Hugs Joy

Mary MacLeod
30 May 2016

I am Rev. George Allen's daughter and have had many conversations with Elfriede at Crosskill Court. Enjoyed reading this dedication and will definitely share it with my Dad and friends. Recently gave my granddaughter her own Meindl figurine "The Flower Girl". Both my grandchildren enjoyed the Christopher books. Best wishes to Elfreide. Her touch in arranging the beautiful flower and greenery arrangements is missed.

Joanne (Demone) DeLong
29 May 2016

Such a wonderful tribute from your family in honour of your birthday. As a child I was blessed to have you as my Sunday School teacher in New Germany. I fondly remember your patience as we worked with clay to create nativity figurines that I gave to my parents, Arnold Jr. and Marlene Demone, as a Christmas gift. Thank you for sharing your love of teaching and talent with me.

Linda Thompson, Bridgewater, NS
29 May 2016

My first figure, the Fisherman, was a wedding gift, 38 years ago. Over the years, I've collected several of the figurines including the Fisherwoman, Christmas Angels and the Kings at the Lunenburg Craft Show. Also have several from Carol and Susan. Over the years, from Greenwood as well as Bridgewater, I've taken visitors over to the family home on the Fundy Shore to introduce them to these exquisite crafts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent.

Trudy Winfield (Wentzell)
29 May 2016

Thank you for this wonderful website! I remember going over to the parsonage in New Germany as a child and seeing the tools and clay in the sunroom and sometimes Mrs. Meindl would give us clay to play with (or the kids would bring a ball of it to church to play with to pass the time - very cool). My mom (Bonnie Wentzell) has a whole collection of Meindl figurines as that is what the choir would give her as a Christmas gift/thank you as she was - and still is- the church organist at Trinity Lutheran. Mom still cherishes these figurines because of who they came from and she turns 79 this week. They are all so very special.

29 May 2016

Hi... to the friend that loves 'Murdock Mysteries'.. and long walks. Elfriede, I can't believe the exquistness of the figurines from only what you had on hand. such talent. sucj great stories and such a wonderful lady to know. HUGS.

Kay Rhodenizer
29 May 2016

What a fascinating

Elizabeth (Feindell) Hubley
29 May 2016

So pleased to read this story and see this site. I was so glad to see that Susan continued to do the figurines as well. Susan and I were school chums in New Germany High School. I have often wondered where she went, now I know . Thank you.

Utta and Roger
29 May 2016

Liebe Eilfriede, gerne denken wir zurück an den wunderschönen Urlaub in Eurem Ferienhaus an der Shore, an die Abende voller Erzählungen und an das Paradies für Kinder in Eurem Garten. Deine Figuren begleiten uns nun schon viele Jahre. Sie haben einen festen Platz in der Vitrine - und Du in unseren Herzen.

Dr. Roman Schwabe
28 May 2016

Bei einem Besuch hatte ich Gelegenheit die wunderschönen Arbeiten zu bewundern. Danke, es war sehr beeindruckend.

Sue Rhem, Regina, SK
28 May 2016

Oh what a terrific birthday gift to a wonderfully talented woman! I have so many awesome memories of times with the Meidl's in New Germany and the rest of the LCLSM! Happy Birthday, Elfriede! You are such a blessing to so many! Much love, Sue

Klaus from Germany
27 May 2016

Liebe Tante Elfriede, alles Gute und herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum heutigen Geburtstag!! Ich weiss noch wie heute, wie eindrucksvoll es fuer mich war, als Euer Feriengast 1972 in New Germany NS Dich in Deiner Werkstatt zu sehen mit all den Fertigkeiten. Besonders gestaunt habe ich damals, als Du die Haare der Figuren mit Hilfe eines Teesiebes hergestellt hast und sie im Nu auf den Köpfen platziert waren. Auch in den Vitrinen der Verwandtschaft in Deutschland stehen bis heute Deine schönen Figuren - und werden nach wie vor bestaunt! Dein Neffe Klaus.

Susan Meindl
27 May 2016

Mommy! If there ever truly was a Meindl Original" it has to be you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and given as a mother and a mentor. My own career in ceramics was supported by your strength and inspired by your example of hard work, optimism and ever renewing creativity. I loved being a ceramicist all those years and working and selling together with you. I have happy memories of setting up and taking down craft shows as a family. "Many hands make light the work!". ...It was your example as well of charting a new course for yourself so many times in your life ...that helped me find the courage to move to Montreal... and eventually to re-invent myself as a psychologist. So much of what I learned from you has followed me through my life and even into my new career. Happy, Happy 90th Birthday. Your years on this earth have been well spent! More love than I can ever say, Your eldest daughter, Susan

Laurie Waxman
27 May 2016

Hi Oma! Happy 90th birthday! Wish I could be there.